Results of the Frittenden Fun Run 2018

Set out below are the results of yesterday’s Fun Run. Please note that due to people trying to register within 5 mins of the race starting there are inevitably some errors. Some race numbers have been duplicated, surnames missed out and potentially misspelt etc as it was all written in haste on various bits of paper some only 4 inches long by 3 inches wide so please allow for this. As for the times, this was done by only two people, one reading the times as the runners came through the finishing line and another recording the times against runner numbers. A few times have been missed mainly due to the runners not showing their race numbers or coming through in ‘clumps’. Please bear with us for this. After all, the purpose of the exercise, so ably organised by Rob Addis for the last 16 years, was to raise money for charity and have FUN and, by my book it succeeded in bucket-fulls. If anyone would like to correct errors they are aware of please contact me via the Community Facebook Page.

Final Version !

FFR Results Final